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Origami for Education

Our Mission

Origami for Education is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Kentucky dedicated to advancing education through the art of origami. By exposing more students to the craft, we hope to foster the math, cognitive, health, creative, and artistic benefits of origami as well as simply share the joy and culture of paper-folding


Programs and Events

Origami for Education has 6 main programs dedicated to origami and its educational benefits. These include the Origami Workshops, OrigamiEDU Backpack Program, Origami Convention, OrigamiEDU Competition, Problem Sets on the Mathematics of Paper Folding, and Origami Research

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Origami for Education is always looking for new members and volunteers.  Join our talented growing team of members to transform student's lives through origami, volunteer at our origami folding events to help fund our programs, or sign up for our weekly newsletter. 


Our Impact




  •  Built a team of over 25 student origami ambassadors; education, mathematics, and origami professionals; and chapter coordinators from around the nation

  • Conducted qualitative & quantitative research on the math, cognitive, artistic, health and creative benefits of origami.


  • Developed a unique curriculum combining origami with the math of paper-folding, proven to benefit students through our research


  • Created a community of volunteers dedicated to folding origami for the programs and origami store

  • Hosted month-long origami workshops utilizing the curriculum at sixteen schools around Kentucky

  • Held the first annual OrigamiEDU Convention with speakers, exhibits, workshops, and activities 


  • Established six diverse programs to promote origami and its educational benefits 

  • Partnered with Origami USA, Mu Alpha Theta, Huntington Learning Center, and other national organizations to carry out the programs and initiatives  

  • Published a workbook, "Origami and Related Mathematics" to further promote the curriculum


  • Created the OrigamiEDU online store and origami stands to fundraise and spread the impact of origami.

  • Developed the OrigamiEDU Kits, filled with the origami workbook and paper. Thousands of kits have been distributed to students and schools.


  • Spread the impact of origami and the OrigamiEDU curriculum to seven other states through local chapters

Our Programs and Events

Origami Workshops

OrigamiEDU workshops have been hosted at 16 different schools free of cost. The workshops run for a month each and teach the basics of origami as well as the mathematics of paper folding. Each student participant also receives a free copy of the "Origami and related Mathematics" workbook. These workshops have improved cognitive, creative, and mathematical skills of the students.    

OrigamiEDU Convention

The Origami for Education  Convention is an annual large-scale convention held for all age groups with several speakers, activities, exhibits, and workshops. At this convention, we celebrate the craft of origami while promoting its educational, health, and cognitive benefits. Additionally, the convention raises awareness for Origami for Education and its products.

Origami Backpack Program

The Origami Backpack Program aims to impact more students outside of the workshops. Through funds from grants, the origami store, and fundraisers, we provide backpacks filled with origami paper kits and the OrigamiEDU "Origami and Related Mathematics" workbook to students around Kentucky and in the chapter locations. 

Mathematics of Paper Folding Sets

OrigamiEDU has written problem sets based on the mathematics of origami aimed towards high school and college students. These sets have been distributed to hundreds of students and help to foster mathematical reasoning and understanding through a creative platform. 

Origami Research

OrigamiEDU has conducted its own research on the mathematical, logic, cognitive, and creative benefits of origami on students. Our test subjects, with parental consent,  are the participants in our workshops. This research has confirmed the findings in many other papers, showing that our workshops, book, and backpacks are making a positive impact. 

OrigamiEdu Competition

Our annual origami competition challenges students to be creative and design their creations while explaining the math behind their origami. The winners of our competition get a photo on our website and one of our specially designed origami kits.

OrigamiEDU Published Book

Origami for Education has published a book: "Origami and Related Mathematics." This workbook is targeted towards elementary and middle school students and consists of easy origami instructions and related mathematics problems. 

The purpose of the book is to provide an introduction to origami and the related mathematics to students in order to nurture the educational and cognitive benefits The content of the book is based on Origami for Education's proven curriculum. This book allows OrigamiEDU to impact a larger number of students 

The book is distributed through the Origami for Education Backpack Program, in which backpacks filled with the book and origami paper are given to students. The creation, publishing, and printing of this book are funded through grants, the website origami store, and fundraisers. 

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