Origami for Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing education through the art of origami. By exposing more students to the craft, we hope to foster the mathematical, cognitive, health, creative, and artistic benefits of origami 

(Learn more about the benefits). Currently the team consists of over twenty student origami-ambassadors, expert advisors, and chapter coordinators from around the nation.

(meet the team). OrigamiEDU has 6 different programs, including the Origami Workshops and the Origami Backpack Program, which have impacted over 3000 students. With seven chapter branches in states outside of Kentucky, the curriculum and impact of Origami for Education have begun spreading nationally. These initiatives are partially funded through our store.  


Students Impacted
Team Members

We believe that our passion for origami and education can transform students' lives 


Origami for Education was founded in late 2017 by high school students Raymond Suo and Karthik Jetty. This initiative came out of Raymond's passion for origami, beginning with his first fold when he was eight. Growing up, Raymond experienced a plethora of benefits nurtured by origami, such as cognitive, creative, and mathematical skills. Later on, realizing that origami could also be used to impact other students similarly in an accessible and affordable way, Raymond teamed up with Karthik and formed Origami for Education. Today, Origami for Education has expanded to over twenty-five team members, impacting over 3000 students. 

Our Vision

Origami for Education goals for the future include further development of the curriculum, expanding the workshops, continue writing the mathematics of paper folding problem sets, and publishing the research conducted in a journal. Additionally, another goal is to continue growing the national chapters. Our overall vision is to continue expanding the organization and impact more students by exposing them to the art of origami. By further refining our curriculum, we hope that our workshops and conventions can be hosted in all fifty states and countries worldwide, and thus promote education.