Origami Workshops

OrigamiEDU workshops have been hosted at 16 different schools throughout Kentucky. The workshops teach the basics of origami as well as the mathematics of paper folding. The workshops have significantly improved cognitive, motor, creative, and mathematical skills of the students, demonstrated by the improvement in our before and after assessments. Most of the workshops run for a month at a time. Each student participant also receives a free copy of the "Origami and Related Mathematics" workbook. 

Origami Curriculum


  • Folds Taught

    • Squash fold​

    • Mountain, Valley fold

    • Reverse fold

    • Pleat

    • Crimp

    • Petal Fold

  • Medium Origami

    • Ninja star

    • Jumping frog

    • Whale

    • Box

  • Difficult Origami

    • Crane​

    • Transforming star

    • Lucky star

  • Easy Origami

    • Dog/Cat Face

    • Heart

    • Airplane 

Math Curriculum


  • Math topics covered

    • Geometry when folding a ninja star

    • Similar & congruent triangles from creases

    • Creating polygons from paper

    • Dividing a paper - Fractions and proportions

    • Folding paper and exponential growth

    • Probability

  • Math activities

    • Challenge: Divide paper into thirds, fourths, etc.

    • Creating symmetrical patterns

    • Challenge: create perfect hexagon 

    • Calculating area of various paper